​How Does Party Butler Work?

Just as our slogan says:

 "We do the work ... you enjoy the party".

We allow the host or hostess the freedom to join their guests or family during the party, to enjoy their event and not have to worry about the details of the preparations, setup and delivery of the food. Which translates to us doing all the work out front and in the kitchen.

When my staff arrives, the Butlers will introduce themselves and talk with you about the days' itinerary. After which, the servers will carry out your instructions allowing you, the host, time to relax and mingle with your guests. 

As the party progresses, my Butlers will handle all of the chores 

and duties neccessary for keeping the party flowing smoothly and the location properly cleaned up.


Before my staff leaves, your home, yard, or hall will be completely clean and all food will be put away.

Leave the party in our hands and by the time it's over, your house will look as if you never had people over!!!

​Call Party Butler  at:

​(310) 871.0417

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